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Guide to enjoy Cabo de Gata de Almería

The Cabo de Gata National Park, located in the city of Almeria, retains its natural beauty, as there are still vast areas that have not been occupied by the urban massification related to tourism. Therefore, it is a very unique place that has a great beauty given by its wonderful landscapes. This park is not like any other post whose magical details have been preserved despite the passage of time and are saved for your visitors. Hotels in Cabo de Gata are ideal for a family holiday or for a couple days or with friends.

These are accommodation with a privileged location, as they are very close to the sea and therefore have easy access to the beach. In addition, some of them have direct access to the National Park and therefore can enjoy its nature. Tourists who wish can visit an educational exhibition that explains the origin and main characteristics of the Park. You can also see the Lighthouse of Cabo de Gata and some viewpoints with beautiful views of part of the cliffs. Some of these are the Reef of the Sirens, the Amethyst or the Dead. All of them have easy access in them there are tourist information points and small shops offering the possibility to buy souvenirs, pictures or maps, among other things.

You can also visit the Pozo de los Frailes, which leads to the beach of San José. Another well-known place is the population of the Isleta del Moro, where a trail leads to the Escullos. During the tour along the promenade, which lasts about an hour, you can visit beaches and cliffs. In Rodalquilar, where the House of the Volcanoes is located, you can visit a botanical garden called Albardinal where you can see different plant species and you can make the Cerro del Cinto Trail, a curious almost volcanic route that passes near The Gold Mines of Rodalquilar

isleta del moro

In addition, tourists visiting all these places can enjoy the typical gastronomy of the area: crumbs, meat with garlic, oil cakes, fish, gazpacho … For those who are not very fond of traditional food very leisure activities are offered Varied for all tastes. The Cabo de Gata offers excellent conditions for diving and snorkeling as its bottoms have both sandy areas as well as other vegetation and rock, offering landscapes with visibility and cleanliness, thanks to the scarce human population. In addition, the area is characterized by fairly mild winters, which allows to do the activity almost at any time of the year.

Another way of knowing the coast of the Park is bordering it with a kayak or with a canoe inside the sea. In this way, you can see the cliffs from a privileged position, which let you see some caves formed by the waves. In addition, this activity, which can be done in a group, allows you to enjoy a bath in solitary coves.

There are many types of water sports allowed in the park: sailboat rental for cruises, motorboat trips, kitesurfing, windsurfing and many other possibilities.

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