Things to do in Tabarca

Brief History of Tabarca

To know the idiosyncrasy of Tabarca we have to go back to its rich and varied past . Although Roman remains have been found at the origin, we will focus from the eighteenth century until today.

The Spanish monarch Carlos III obtains the redemption of a group of origin ligur (extinct Republic of Genoa) that were in the Tunisian island of Tabarka under the yoke and the slavery by the bey of Tunis. The king offered them the desired freedom on the Island of San Pablo (Actual Tabarca) hence the tabarquina architecture is so different from the rest of the province of Alicante since it has remained far from the schemes following a more specific urban plan of the cities Of the new world with a touch of the republics that conformed the present Italy.

What to see and do in Tabarca with children

Beach- Snorkeling
Probably the main course and goal of most travelers.  Tabarca has the honor of being the first marine reserve of Spain , thanks to this event of 1983, the flora and fauna has remained unaltered and guarded for more than three decades.

Unfortunately I am an “illiterate” of the maritime world so that except for an octopus that I could see snorkeling, I do not know the rest of marine life I observed , however, looking on the Internet I have seen that the most abundant is the grouper , The oblate, the lobster or the starfish among other species.

To walk
Although the urbanized area is not very wide, the best thing of all is to walk aimlessly up the street to see all the corners of the island . As with the new world urbanism, the streets go straight to a main square that is the center of the population, in this case, small shops of soft drinks, souvenirs or clothes will accompany us to the center of The square where there are a couple of bars ideal to have a coffee watching people go by

que ver en tabarca

What to visit on the island of Tabarca?

Taking into account that this small island declared historic artistic set in 1964 and where less than 20 people live in winter the chances of finding architectural wealth a few steps away is very high . As soon as you can see the island from the boat you can see the wall surrounding the town, to honor the truth, much of it is rehabilitated or rebuilt but it is possible to distinguish which sections are original.

The most recommended places of Tabarca would be.

  • Doors of San Rafael, San Gabriel and San Miguel.
  • Church of San Pedro and San Pablo
  • House of the Governor (Currently the most charming hotel on the island).
  • Tower of San José
  • Tabarca Lighthouse
  • Beaches, coves and small corners with charm.
  • Reasons to visit the island of Tabarca

    Finally, the reasons to visit the island of Tabarca are multiple. It is a population whose origin goes back to a historical event and is the liberation of the Genoese by Charles III and subsequent relocation on the island (today the Genoese surnames are maintained).

    Although it is a very exploited place in summer, we could feel part of the solitude looking for beaches and small coves not so crowded with people , at one point, with our shoes we walked to a small island where we snorkel in absolute solitude.

    The gastronomy of the place is a real wonder , which surprised me to be such a tourist place I thought the quality would drop as there are always people but nothing further from reality, great value for money.

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