Catedral de Murcia

Five wonderful places in Murcia

Murcia is one of those wonderfully unfamiliar cities and you’ll like it for sure. It is a city that has everything, sun, beach, mountain, good food and very friendly people.

If you go to Murcia, you have to visit at least these 5 sites:

1. Cathedral of Murcia.

Murcia Cathedral is located in the heart of the city. It is a very interesting visit for the great story that keeps inside. In addition, it is located in an area rich in places to enjoy the gastronomy of the land.

Catedral de Murcia

2. La Manga

The sleeve is in the Murcian coast is washed by two seas, Mar Menor and Mediterranean Sea. La Manga known for its beaches. If you enjoy the sun, beach and good food, you must visit La Manga. To get there take direction Cartagena about 60km from the center of Murcia.

La manga

3. Calblanque Natural Park

Very close to La Manga Calblanque Natural Park is located. It is a nature reserve, a reserve of the biosphere, which has not reached the human hand man. You can stroll through the dunes and biodiversity, declared of international interest. It is spectacular.

Calblanque Beach

4. Caravaca

It is located in the northwest of the Region of Murcia. It is a city steeped in history and you must visit. The sanctuary of Veracruz and sources of marques are authentic wonders. It is also very interesting for its religious tourism year «Jubilee» where thousands of pilgrims come to the city.

fuentes del marques

5. Cartagena

It is another city steeped in history. Its Roman theater is a very important piece and visited by thousands each year. It is a city stuck to the coast where you can enjoy great beaches and some amazing walks along its seaport.

Murcia has much to offer and although there are many more places that are very interesting, I chose these five because they highlight its essence and that stand above the rest.

If you have the chance, come to Murcia, you will end up enjoying it as much as me.

General tips for visiting Murcia

  • The best time of the year to get to know this seafaring city is in between times or in summer where the heat, its coasts and popular summer festivals are its main attractions.
  • If you are like us you like to know many places. We recommend you aceraros to the tourist office and inform you of the tourist cards. In this way you will know what offers or discounts are adapted to your visit plan.
  • Murcia is a city with a lot of life for its neighborhoods. It has very good nightlife so if you want to go out and have a drink, enjoy its variety. The best areas near the Central Market and the City Hall.
  • We recommend you to dedicate several days not only to the city of Murcia. Since if you have the opportunity to stay longer the best is to make a break or excursion through the province of Murcia, such as Cartagena or Caravaca. To move from one place to another, a good option is the taxi or rather private taxi. We recommend booking online and with a day in advance that is easy and practical. You already know Taxi from Murcia from just over 60 euros in this web.

And to end the advice we recommend that you organize the visits well so that you make the most of the time of your trip.

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