Visit Ibiza by car, the most viable option for your holidays

Sara, one of our readers advises us to visit Ibiza by car.

One of the most visited destinations in Spain is without a doubt Ibiza. The considered European capital of the party has attracted for years to infinity of tourists looking for the best nightclubs and the most exclusive clubs to be able to enjoy the best electronic music and the best DJ’s and producers of the moment.

Besides that this year the island has attracted a very different public, since the island’s government has boosted sports tourism, with the intention of seasonalising tourism on the island, which is currently bearing fruit. This is creating a general interest in the island, and more and more people are visiting or planning their vacations there, since, in addition to nightclubs and sporting events, Ibiza has a lot of places and things to visit, such as beaches and Coves, monuments, villages, restaurants, etc.

Ibiza may seem like a small island, so small to visit in a few days, but nothing further from the truth: the number of things to see and do will make it necessary to visit the island several hundred times , But the beauty of the island and its culture will make every visit worthwhile.

An option highly recommended by the locals is to contact one of the rental car rental companies such as the company Rent a Car Ibiza and make yourself with some vehicle to enjoy the island as much as possible, since in this way you will have a series of Important advantages for your comfort when visiting the island:

More freedom when it comes to deciding where to go and when to go. Relying on public transport can limit travel and your experience.

More comfort, since it is usually much more pleasant to travel by car or motorcycle than in a crowded bus, especially if we are traveling in a group.

More intimacy, especially in the face of situations in the trip, is family with children, since this way you will have more privacy and you will not have to be aware of if the children create scandal in the bus.

Due to its island status and its geographical location, the island of Ibiza has attracted countless people and cultures throughout history, who have been adding elements of their own culture to the ibicencan, and which we can now see fit Of architectural monuments (churches, houses, etc.) or in the Ibizan culture itself (its dresses, its music, etc.), without forgetting the hippie movement, which discovered and made Ibiza famous in the 60s. Which already costs more to find on the island but whose spirit still lingers in the flea markets and hippie style parties.

Beaches and Calas

Visiting the beaches and coves of Ibiza is almost mandatory, since the beauty of the beaches of Ibiza is almost comparable to the Caribbean. Beaches such as Ses Salines, considered the “beach of the famous”, whose sand and water are first class, or the Cala d’Hort, where we can enjoy the views of the spectacular islet of Es Vedrà, an imposing rock that rises 385 meters above the sea and creating the best sunsets on the island. And if we visit the island in winter it is highly recommended to do some of the walking routes with end in some of the coves of the island, to be able to enjoy the views.

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