My last trip in Alicante

Alicante is a real paradise. I was there one month ago and my experience was incredible. Highly recommended.

I arrived by taxi from Alicante airport and got to my hotel downtown. Alicante has a special charm for the traveler: a lot of sun, good food and cheap beer, The paradise !.

I went through the tourist office Alicante to gather more information as I wanted to know where the most beautiful coves and beaches are.

alicante san juan

On my trip I visited the beach of San Juan. I stopped a few hours sunbathing and to take my first beer of Alicante. A pint for a euro! the day started well.

Then I went to the port of Alicante, an area full of bars, restaurants and entertainment venues. I tried what they call here «fried fish» fresh fried fish with potatoes. I did not imagine it was so good.

Playa de san juan

In the afternoon I went to walk around the city center. Small charming streets and many people walking. Alicante people are friendly and very beautiful! .If, Alicante girls are very beautiful, and very elegant. It was a pleasure to exchange a few words with them.

At night the atmosphere was wonderful and a lot of people everywhere, walking, eating, drinking, kissing …. I Love to Alicante!

Alicante is located in the southeast of Spain, on the Costa Blanca, and is a tourist destination par excellence. Thousands of tourists come every year to Alicante and Benidorm. Alicante airport is 15km from downtown and 60km from Benidorm.

You can get there by train, taxi or bus. The connections are well covered and there is always something that will be tailored to your needs. Although recommended to get is the private taxi. Good price, avoiding queues and waiting.I booked my taxi from alicante airport to benidorm with and was a good experience, quality service and good rate.

Alicante is close to Murcia and La Manga, so you can also visit these places. Of course Benidorm, where he lives a large colony of British citizens living, and that will make you feel at home. You have to go over there too.


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